PDF to ePub converter makes your life colorful

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PDF to ePub converter makes your life colorful

Postby zareyurn » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:55 am

How many do you know PDF? Last days my friends recommend me many PDF files to enjoy. But this files format can not play on my player directly. I search some knowledges about PDF formats. I know that PDF is Portable Document Format. But it just can play on few player. In normal days. I would like to play my favorite files on iPad and other portable device. As we all know ePub is an easier format which can play on many device such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. Do you want to convert PDF files to ePub? The PDF to ePub converter can help you.

The PDF to ePub converter is an professional software to convert PDF in an easy and fast way. In the converting process the software working well. It can convert the most popular text and image into ePub files fast and in high quality.

It has many advanges compared with other similar software

1. Easy to use for all users. It just need several simple clicks you can convert PDF to ePub. Don't worry about it even you are a beginner.

2. Converting speed is fast and in good quality. You just need input the fiels you want to convert. With few minutes you can get satisfactory files output. There is no loss of the files quality. They are all in the original quality.

3. Standalone PDF to ePub tool

This PDF to ePub program can convert PDF to iBook format independently for reading on your big screen and favorite iPad. And it doesn't need other reader.

PDF to ePub converter screenshot


If you are a Mac user and would like to enjoy ePub files on iPad, the iPad manager for ePub can help you.

With this software you can transfer ePub files between iPad and PC. That will be very convenient for you. The user interface is very friendly. The quick search function can help you search files very quickly. Also it high compatible with many device such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

iPad Manager for ePub Screenshot


If you have the software you can convert PDF to ePub in an easy and fast way. With the powerful software your ehtertainmentlife will be more colorful.
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