McDowell praised his European tour to explore new field d re

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McDowell praised his European tour to explore new field d re

Postby gall » Fri May 17, 2013 4:56 am

Ranked eighth in the world of the Northern Ireland will graham McDowell - when a European tour on Thursday - Volvo world golf championships than hole on the eve of praise do match European tour first came to Bulgaria, opens up a new field, the advantage of this istaylormade r11 iron for sale the European tour this point even the pga tour cannot match. Another former us open champion geoff auge d is for today's vocational high altar doesn't pop the regret than the hole.
Bulgaria became a European tour 40 countries this week, total 3 million euros of Volvo than the hole will be on Thursday in Thrace cliff Beach Golf Resort (Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort mixes) sanctioned. A total of 24 player, they are divided into eight groups, in the 10-nation round-robin group on Thursday and Friday, and then enter the 16 players on Saturday in the knockout, in the semi-final and final on Sunday.
McDowell attend the news conference praised European tour brought the game to Bulgaria's move: "this really is the European tour of the real meaning, we do constantly to bring events to a new place in the world, in Asia and some great places to develop the professional golf. Can come to places like Bulgaria, that's cool, this is the place where I have never been to before, to experience a new culture, introduced golf to them. We are talking about a country do not know much about golf, I think that's European tour was great."
In the 2010 U.S. open champion McDowell, European tour will own event widely to every corner of the world, this is its advantage, even the pga tour cannot match. "Why this must be the reason why I think is good for young players are learning. I think the European tour must widen your horizons.taylormade rocketbladez irons There may be a little one-way the pga tour, eahttp://www.golfironsonsale.comch week has great competition condition, the match condition is the same every week, the weather, hotel and restaurant is pretty much the same. I think the European tour is great, we play new places, let everybody feel the new culture and new environment. You have to adapt your game, sometimes have to dig out their potential."
McDowell was assigned with England player Chris wood, Scotland people Steve - William gallas, the same group. The Northern Ireland who didn't despise your enemy. "My state is good, apparently a bit fickle game hole, so you have to play every game, you certainmizuno jpx 800 forged ironsly can't light this week look anyonemizuno mp 53 irons. Chris wood won the Qatar's game at the beginning of this year, apparently, is an excellent player, I like his style; Steve gallas cher is the kind of player, one of the ups and downs, when he was a good time, it is difficult to beat him. There are no easy games this week, it is. I thimizuno mp 58 ironsnk, from the grouping list view, not a simple group, so I must hard work on Thursday and Friday, really want to play the best level."
2006 U.S. open champion auge d is also another contender in this week, after all, he won two successive WGC - accenture than hole. "I love this kind of format clearly, I had some success in than hole tournament, I enjoy pretty hole. When people at home, play with their friends, most people will often pretty hole. In this way played (refers to the hole), it is great, but better than hole in occupational high altar is not popular, it is a pity, but as the game was helmizuno mp 59 ironsd for many yemizuno mp 64 ironsars,|| it is great, it is a historic than hole, another hole than the accenture is than the hole, if you have s||ome chance to play this kind of format, is so wonderful, because I think when everyone pretty hole", they will enjoy it." Auge d group rivals, respectively is the name of wave - Fan Pei golfers, Richard stern and South Africa.
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