FCP 3D Solution-Transcode Sony 3D DEV-5 AVCHD MTS to FCP 6/7

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FCP 3D Solution-Transcode Sony 3D DEV-5 AVCHD MTS to FCP 6/7

Postby vivian68 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:21 am

Description: Read this article if you are interested in editing Sony 3D DEV-5 MTS videos with FCP 6/7, it offers a possible solution for 3D AVCHD to FCP.

"My camera is a Sony DEV-5. The recorded format is AVCHD 3D/Progressive. It is a full HD camera, which means it captures 1920*1080 images. It would be my preference to move recorded 3D MTS videos to FCP for editing. What type of input formats are accepted for Final Cut Pro?"

Shooting and recording videos in 3D effect is a growing trend and software for converting 3D AVCHD MTS footages to a format that can be used for editing in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere is necessary nowadays.

Since Apple hasn't included 3D media files into natively supported video formats within FCP 6/7, and change Sony DEV-5 3D MTS videos to FCP acceptable format is a have-to-do step if you intend to import and edit Sony DEV-5 3D AVCHD in Final Cut Pro 6/7. Which tool would be your first choice to transcode Sony 3D AVCHD footages to Apple ProRes 422 for FCP 6/7?Pavtube Sony 3D MTS to FCP Converter comes to help you out.

How to convert/transcode Sony DEV-5 3D AVCHD .mts to Apple ProRes 422 videos for FCP 6/7?


1. Copy your 3D MTS videos from Sony DEV-5 camcorder to computer hard drive.

2. Download free Sony 3D MTS Converter on Mac, install and launch it.

Brief Steps

Step 1. Drag and Drop source 3D MTS videos to Pavtube. Or click "Add Video" to import videos.


Step 2. Set up output format for Sony 3D AVCHD to Final Cut Pro 6/7.

From Format list, choose "Final Cut Pro"> "Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)" for output.



For iMovie 11/9/8 users, refer to the guide "Best method to import Sony DEV-5 3D MTS into iMovie 11/9/8"

For FCP X users, turn to the tutorial "Can FCP X process Sony 3D DEV-5 .mts footage on Mac?"

Step 3. Start Sony 3D AVCHD MTS to Apple ProRes conversion.

Press the big "Convert" button to start.

Once finished, click "Open" to get converted MOV videos.

Then you could open up FCP 6/7, and go to "File ->Import -> Files…" to import converted Sony DEV-5 3D AVCHD footages to FCP 6/7 project.


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Source: 3D MTS Converter-Get Sony 3D DEV-5 work with FCP 6/7
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