Can someone please test this PCMAudioRecorder on their G1...

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Can someone please test this PCMAudioRecorder on their G1...

Postby tanmay » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:10 am

Hey guys,
By following an entry on Hashirs Blog on AudioRecorder Class ( ... rd-part-4/), I have made this project which should be recording PCM audio for 20 seconds and storing it in a file on the SD Card.
It seems to be doing its job, executing everything properly, but when I listen to the audio recorded by my android G1 phone on a raw audio player, I find that the Microphone has been really over sensitive and I mainly listen to noise when I am speaking but only from a distance does it record some audio.

Could someone please test this on their G1, by loading up this simple program on their Device, recording 20 seconds audio and when the HelloWorld text appears on the screen..the file can be taken out of the SD card and played in any simple player which can play raw PCM data.
I have been using Bplay on linux with the foillowing comand
cd /Directory_where_file_is
bplay -s 8000 -b 16 -B 4096 test.raw

As a result, I would like to know if your phone records itr properly or the mic is equally overdriven..
This would be great help as I have been struggling to get AudioTrack and AudioRecord libraries going...
Wouldnt take too much of your time either...

And if you find something wrong with this code which is overdriving the mic or somthing, please let me know of a possible cause...

The project is attached..
This is a tar.gz containing the android project. The project uses API 1.6, and needs to be tested on android G1.
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