Any DVD Cloner Platinum - DVD Ripper + DVD Decrypter

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Any DVD Cloner Platinum - DVD Ripper + DVD Decrypter

Postby Rita » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:59 am

I know that DVD Movies is one of the favorite pastimes for many people.

People treat DVD Movies as one part of their spiritual wealth. Some people collect movie DVD discs while some others prefer to rent DVD Movies from stores. Either way, it shows that movie DVDs is a popular way of entertainment.

On one hand, the features of DVD are attractive to consumers – multiple languages, multiple angles, seamless branching etc. On the other hand, the disadvantages of DVD are obvious – parental control which means that people cannot copy the protected DVD, accidently ruined by pets or kids or naturally worn.

How to collect movie DVDs without any limitation? Is there a way out?

The answer is absolutely yes. For people who invest on movie DVDs, Any DVD Cloner Platinum is absolutely a godsend. So what is Any DVD Cloner Platinum? What can it do for you?

Let’s start from the first question:

Any DVD Cloner Platinum is a powerful combination of DVD cloner and DVD ripper. As a DVD cloner, it provides 4 flexible copying modes to copy, clone or compress DVD to DVD, DVD folder or ISO image with all protections decrypted and removed. As a DVD ripper, it can rip any DVD to MP4, M4V, AVI, M2TS, HTML5 embedded video, easy to convert encrypted DVDs to videos supported by popular devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360, Android devices, etc.

I believe now you have a basic understanding of the program. You must be curious about how it works.

• To copy DVD to blank DVD discs
The interface of the program is dead-simple. Insert the movie DVD disc and run the program. It will detect the name of the DVD and analyze its structure automatically. Choose one clone mode you prefer and click start button. After the program finishes copying data to a temporary DVD folder, it would reject the original DVD disc and prompt you to insert a blank one. Just follow the tips and wait for it when writing data on the blank disc. The cloned DVD is of high quality and can be played on both of your PC and DVD Player.


• To rip DVD to your mobile phone, tablets or other popular devices
Let’s move to the DVD Ripper panel. Click “More” button you can find that almost all the popular devices and the corresponding support file format are in the list. Find your device and start to rip. The program offers many flexible options to change the screen size, video quality, and picture layout.


All in all, Any DVD Cloner Platinum is impressed. Now it offers a 20% discount. What are you waiting for? Trust me, it deserves.
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