Android Market Ruby API

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Android Market Ruby API

Postby heldervasc » Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:39 pm

What is Android Market Ruby Parser ??

Android Market Ruby Parser is an open source library created by Bearstouch Software for parsing Android Market information.

Whit this API you can get all information supplied by Android Market and analise top selling apps ,free and paid, for a category or the overall ranking .

Source Code on GitHub

Install Instructions

Install it with RubyGems

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gem install android_market_api

or add this to your Gemfile if you use Bundler:

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gem "android_market_api"

Getting started

Parsing an application on Android Market

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require 'rubygems'
require 'android_market_api''com.bearstouch.smsscheduler')

# Getting Application Name 

# Getting Application Current Version
puts app.current_version

# Getting Application Price
puts app.price             

# Getting Ratting Value
puts app.ratting_value

# Getting  Nr of Votes
puts app.ratting_count

# Getting  Last Update datetime
puts app.updated   

# Getting  SDK Required
puts app.sdk_required

# Getting  Download category
puts app.downloads

# Getting  Application Size
puts app.size

# Getting  Content Ratting
puts app.contentRating

# Getting  Application description
puts app.description

# Getting Developer Name       
puts app.developer_name

# Getting Icon URL   
puts app.icon

# Getting Screenshot URLs Array
puts app.screenshots

# Getting Last Updates Array
puts app.update_text

Full Documentation ... 3.2/frames


Contributions are welcome ! The project is mainly missing documentation and examples...

Stay in touch with us for getting updated info about this API.


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