About HP 364XL compatible ink

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About HP 364XL compatible ink

Postby kaikaixinxin » Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:57 am

General information:

Product details
Item Weight: 41 g
Boxed-product Weight: 1.1 Kg
Item model number: CN684EE#ABB
Date first available at Amazon.co.uk: 8 Jun 2007

Product Description
Original HP 364xl inks and paper are designed to bring out the best in your HP printer. No smudges, streaks or splatters, just great looking results with easy to use, hassle free ink replacement.
Only Original HP ink cartridges are made by HP, for HP, and are brand new each time. Independent research* by Innovationstechnik confirms that the quality and usability of pages printed with Original HP inkjet cartridges is consistently more reliable than those output from the remanufactured cartridges tested. 1 in 5 compatible cartridges fail prematurely or never work at all.*

Compatible printer list:
HP Photosmart C5383/C6300/C5380/C6380/D5460/B8553
HP Premium C309a/C5300/B8550
HPPremium Fax/C5390/D5760

There are 3 different types of HP 364xl Cartridges:

Part Number CB321EE(800 pages):
This cartridge is normal black. It looks thicker than the lower capacity black cartridge and is also thicker than the XL photo black. It also has a solid black "Pentagon" printed above the number. For my own printer, which is a B109n model, this is the correct one and looking above the slot where the cartidge fits into my printer, there is also a solid Black Pentagon. Also for reference, my own printer does not take seperate black cartridges for both photo and normal printing, ie, there is only a single slot for black.

Part Number CB322EE(photo ink):
This cartridge is for Photo Printing. Is is a thinner cartridge than the one above and is also the same thickness as the lower capacity "normal" black cartridge. This is a concern and is very confusing unless you know the differences. The main identifying point is that whereas the normal XL has a Pentagon on the front, this photo XL cartridge has a solid "Bow Tie" symbol on the front. It also has a picture of a camera on the packaging. I can only assume that this will not fit into my own printer due to the lack of this symbol around my cartridge housing.

Part Number CN684EE (550 pages):
HP have created a lot of unnecessary confusion here and some of the retailers are as confused as the customers. The 800 page cartridge part number is CB321EE, the 550 page cartridge is CN684EE.
if you paid for CB321EE(800 pages), however it was a CN684EE that arrived, you need to contact the vendor to return the price difference.Clearly this ridiculous labelling system by HP is open to confusion and, potentially, mis-selling. HP should name the cartridges better to highlight the differences and insist on unambiguous advertising of which model is being sold. The moral of the story: until HP improve their labelling, check carefully the precise product you are about to order; on receipt check that it is actually the one you ordered; if it isn't, contact the vendor immediately with a clear statement of what you want to happen, ie exchange, return or refund of difference.
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Re: About HP 364XL compatible ink

Postby nguyentrung » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:54 am

This article is very detailed and helpful. Thanks for sharing.
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